We offer a variety of resources designed to support women who are going through a divorce. During the COVID-19 shutdown, we modified group workshops to take place over an individualized phone call. Over the past year, Attorney Audra McClure has volunteered to provide 11 free, one-on- one consultations to women, providing an enormous benefit and a solid first step for women in this situation.

Enjoy our conversation with Attorney McClure below:


Why did you make the decision to volunteer for the Women’s Resource Center?

I knew about the Women’s Resource Center because I had volunteered there during a project with the Women Lawyers Association of Michigan. I had also heard about WRC’s other projects in the community, and had walked by their office many times. It has been my experience in my divorce practice that women are more often left with fewer resources during and after a divorce, and often can’t afford a divorce attorney. It seemed like a perfect fit for me to be able to bring some of my knowledge to women going through this process, hopefully in such a way that they feel empowered and supported.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of your volunteer experience?

I have very much treasured my conversations with women I have met at WRC, both staff and people who come there for my workshop. They come from such a variety of backgrounds, and have had such a wide range of different experiences. At each workshop, I learn so much from them, as I’m trying to teach them. Often women will offer each other support and have ideas for each other at these workshops, and the human connections I see between people who have never met each other is extremely rewarding.

What should the community know about the divorce workshop at the Women’s Resource Center?

I would like the community to know that all are welcome at this workshop. Anybody who is going through a divorce or custody case, who is contemplating it, or just wants to know more about the process to help out a loved one, could learn from the workshop. I invite people to share as little or as much about their personal situation as they would like, and it can help to feel like you’re not alone. Divorce is extremely emotional and sometimes complex, but knowing more about the process and what options you might have can really help to feel more in control of the situation. The folks who work at the Women’s Resource Center, and all the attendees who have ever been at my workshop, are kind, supportive, and welcoming, too.

If you or someone you know is interested in assisting with the divorce workshop, please contact Linda at [email protected].



I called the Women’s Resource Center just over a year ago. I was so overwhelmed, planning to file for a divorce, unsure of resources available and feeling very unsure of myself. Linda contacted me after only a day or two following my call. This was just as things began to shut down for COVID and so much was unavailable. It was a godsend. She was what I needed to anchor my thinking and support me as I went from feeling helpless to making a plan. This experience reminded me that even the most successful women need the support of another person to find their way through a very difficult time.

Linda kept in touch with me as I began to sort out what I needed to do. She was dependable in returning calls, followed up with resource searches that I requested, and followed up after I began the process. The divorce support volunteers helped me diversify my thinking and identify the resources that I needed.

I cannot thank Linda and the Women’s Resource Center enough. I am just now finalizing my divorce and beginning to develop a new life of rediscovery, self-trust, and growth. Bless you to all of you at the Women’s Resource Center!