Thanks to the support of our campaign leadership and generous partners, the Propel Campaign raised $2.8 million to provide better access and more space to serve women in our community.

Please join us for an open house on June 28th from 3-6pm at our new home, 816 Madison Ave SE!

Thank You for Your Partnership


With immense joy and gratitude, we are thrilled to share a momentous achievement made possible by your unwavering support and generosity. The Women’s Resource Center has officially inaugurated its new home at 816 Madison Avenue SE, marking the culmination of our remarkable Propel Capital Campaign.


Through your incredible dedication and commitment, we surpassed our initial $2 million goal, raising an astounding $2.8 million! This achievement is a testament to the power of our community coming together in support of empowering women and creating a more inclusive, supportive environment for all.The new facility stands as a beacon of hope and opportunity for the women we serve. It offers expanded space for crucial programs, empowering employability skills training, and resources that will enable women to chart their paths towards success. Beyond bricks and mortar, this space represents a profound commitment to our community—a place where women can access vital resources, find support, and build brighter futures.The features of our new home embody our dedication to providing comprehensive support.


From the centralized and accessible location to the dedicated spaces for children, caregivers, wellness, and enhanced business resources, every element has been meticulously designed to better serve the diverse needs of the women who walk through our doors. None of this would have been possible without the unwavering dedication of over 170 community donors, local businesses, and foundations.


Your belief in our mission has transformed aspirations into reality, creating a space where empowerment and opportunity flourish.As we embark on this new chapter in our journey, we carry with us the gratitude and pride of a community that stands strong in its commitment to empowering women.Together, we’ve laid the foundation for brighter tomorrows and endless possibilities.

Who We Are

Women’s Resource Center provides a welcoming, safe, supportive, and relevant environment that helps eliminate barriers and equip women with the tools to achieve fulfillment and purpose in employment. Our programs include:

  • Empowerment: one-on-one coaching, computer classes,
    scholarship programs
  • Advocacy: divorce information workshop, seeking employment
    support group
  • Business Boutique: free professional clothing for women in the
  • New Beginnings Program: gender-responsive mentoring
    services to incarcerated women
  • Mentorship: immediate and long-term goal setting for lasting
    personal growth


services provided each year.


of our job-ready participants have secured employment


have received wage increases in their job

Our New Space

Women’s Resource Center’s new home is located at 816 Madison Ave SE in the 49507 zip code.

  • Approximately 6,234 sq ft of floor space
  • Close proximity to Gerald R. Ford elementary school
  • Less than a mile from 7 community partner organizations
  • Within two blocks of social services
  • Located on The Dash and The Rapid public transportation lines



Hope first encountered Women’s Resource Center through a coaching session at a local nonprofit focused on strengthening young families. She was interested in the support that a career coach could offer, and stayed in touch with WRC through her schooling, internship, and eventual career.

Hope said, “It’s like having your own personal big sister. My coach would video call me every Wednesday morning just to see how my week was going.  WRC helped me put my resume together and they gave me clothes for my interview, not only for my internship but the position I’m in now. And through the pandemic, they came alongside me and helped me with finances. They even helped my son, Robert, get new eyeglasses and find a job after his high school graduation.”

“It’s been really good having someone to support me, especially when I feel like I can’t achieve things. I know I always have my coach to be that extra cheerleader to back me up when I feel like I can’t finish a task. Just having that person there has been what I needed the most.”



Faith first got involved with Women’s Resource Center in 2019 after she had been out of the workforce for four years as a stay-at-home mom to her two boys. Faith said, “I was an emotional mess when I came to WRC. The biggest encouragement was just how my coach listened to me. She helped construct my resume, but also listened to me.”

“The first job I got into—she was there to congratulate me on the way. And then she was there with encouragement when that job didn’t work out. I could have gotten really down on myself, but I continued to pursue my passion. Then I got my new job. For me, it was so fulfilling. I wasn’t making as much money, but I love what I do.”

“To have my coach take the time to check in on me, see how I was doing… it was life-changing. She believed in me. She saw something that I didn’t see in myself.”



Thank you for your help not only with my resume but with giving me the confidence that I could pick myself up and move forward.

I was fired from my job on February 20th. A friend of mine recommended that I get in touch with Women’s Resource Center. Shortly after the initial interviews to determine my needs and how you could best assist me, COVID hit. Everything was shut down. But you still arranged for help with my resume. I sent you my resume, you arranged a coach, and after a couple of phone calls and reviews and coaching and encouragement, I had a really good resume.

Once things started opening up, I had several interviews which led to my being employed in an ideal position. I know that the improvements and professionalism of my resume are what got me noticed.

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