TaLinda was extremely grateful to receive financial support to help pay her mortgage when she was furloughed during the COVID shutdown. She had originally applied for financial assistance from a local relief fund but experienced an issue with her application. It was thanks to lots of patient technical assistance from our team that she was able to resolve her problem and receive the funding she needed.

Cassaundra was scared that she might lose her house because she didn’t have her next mortgage payment. Newly divorced with two small children, this was an extremely vulnerable time for her. Our team called her on a routine check-in and was able to provide crisis relief during a time when she was feeling terribly overwhelmed.

Sarah had just completed her Participant Interview before the Stay at Home order went into effect. She received help with her resume over email and video calls and was able to continue applying for work.

Connie is overqualified for her current position and is seeking a job that’s more fulfilling. She received assistance with interview prep and was able to practice her elevator speech with a coach. Her ultimate goal is to own her own business, and in the meantime she’s excited to secure a position that is more fitting for her skill set.


With your help, we are equipping women to overcome challenges and find strategies for work and skills for life.