Support a justice-involved woman through one-on-one mentoring

New Beginnings is a jail-based program providing workforce and life development services,
mentoring, and support to women in the Kent County, Ottawa County and Muskegon County
Jails. The program’s purpose is to reduce the likelihood that a woman will return to jail after

Supporting the Success of Justice-involved Women

Volunteer mentors play a critical role in helping women successfully reenter the community and avoid re-incarceration. Research shows a dramatic drop in the recidivism rate for women who have mentor support post-release.

Every woman participating in the program receives a trained female mentor. The participant and mentor develop a positive relationship that provides support while in jail and after release. New Beginnings mentors provide genuine, caring, non-judgmental support while also offering accountability as program participants work to achieve their reentry goals.

Women’s Resource Center understands that reentering the community can be stressful and overwhelming. Justice involved women face many challenges from multiple aspects of their lives, including: obtaining housing, family expectations, employment search, legal restitutions and much more. The New Beginnings participant and mentor partnership provides a safe space of support, accountability and encouragement to overcome any obstacles anticipated upon reentry.

Benefits of Mentorship

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